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Is your pregnancy causing back pain?

Pregnancy back pain isn't uncommon, but it is treatable. Pain develops while pregnant for a variety of reasons including posture changes, hormonal changes, stress, and muscle separation. As the uterus expands, existing muscle tissue undergoes a significant amount of stretching which can cause its overall strength to weaken.

When pregnant, back pain begins from the loose muscles stretching and shifting your center of gravity. This, in turn, displaces weight further out, causing the process to start all over again. The longer you wait, the longer the aches sink in. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Don't buy into the myth that this is the way everyone goes through pregnancy? Also don't convince yourself this is normal and you should just "deal with it." So many of our patients have been "dealing with" back pain before they finally find a doctor to treat it.

With proper care, this type of pain can be managed. Don't trust just anyone though, trust a doctor who knows what this is like! Dr. Gomach is a woman who understands! We can show you exercises, posture improvements, and provide immediate relief with therapy applications like specialty heat packs. We offer diverse care which can also include Chiropractic Care or Exercise Therapy if applicable. Treatment plans will be tailored to your needs as you get the chance to spend time with the Doctor one on one every visit.

Cornerstone Rehab and Spine can ease your discomfort through each stage of pregnancy AND pre/postnatal care.