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Cornerstone Rehab and Spine
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Back pain isn't uncommon, millions suffer thinking they can "take it easy" to find relief. We don't think that answer is good enough.. Back pain develops while performing various tasks including lifting, running, walking, bending, and reaching. A day working in the yard shouldn't turn into a sore spot for the rest of the week. This type of pain is indicative of underlying issues which can be cured to allow you to return to these tasks.

You can expect Cornerstone Rehab and Spine in League City to provide a combination of care. For extreme back pain, expect a combination of therapies such as e-stimulation, properly applied pressure, combined with hot packs to provide you with immediate relief. For more moderate aches or after the muscles have stopped seizing, the doctor will move into more active care which can include specific targeted deep tissue work, muscle stretching, and targeted rehab therapy.

With proper care, this type of pain can be managed.  Back pain treatment plans will be tailored to your needs as you get the chance to spend time with Doctor Gomach one on one every visit.

Don't let a sore, aching back hold you back any longer. Stop living with back pain!

Back pain Treatment