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Spectracell’s cardiometabolic test covers several key components. Markers that can cover metabolic risk, cardiovascular risk, and inflammation markers. All of them correlate to a complete picture of how and why cholesterol may be out of balance.  

Cholesterol is needed in the body to produce hormones. When inflammation is out of control due to increased glucose or A1C factors, or other metabolic traits, the body produces dysfunctional cholesterol factors. Those factors lead to increased disease and increased cholesterol numbers. Knowing how your body is functioning metabolically can help understand how to optimize cholesterol numbers, bringing cholesterol into optimal functioning parameters.  

This test looks at the following:  

  • InsulinLipid PanelApo B 100 
  • GlucoseTotal CholesterolLp (a) 
  • Hemoglobin A1CLDL & HDL CholesterolC-Reactive Protein 
  • C-peptideTriglyceridesHomocysteine 
  • AdiponectinNon HDL Cholestrol 
  • Metabolic Syndrome Traits 
  • Lipoprotein particle Numbers 
    • VLDL Particles 
    • Total LDL particles 
    • Total HDL particles  

Serum Test

Takes 2-4 weeks from blood draw for results

CardioMetabolic Panel

Price: $130