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Cornerstone Rehab and Spine
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Deep Tissue work provides an excellent form of complimentary care.

Deep tissue therapy can often help relieve strained muscles and reduce the spasms associated with muscle pain. People often think of this immediately for back pain, but the effectiveness isn't limited to just that. Arms, shoulders, legs, and even feet can benefit from this type of medical massage.
Muscle spasms are targeted individually and stretched to stop the spasms we associate with pain and stiff muscles. This can not only relieve pain, but accelerate the speed at which a patient is able to work through rehab. This makes the deep tissue work an excellent form of complimentary care.

This type of work is certainly experienced differently for different people. The chiropractor will discuss intensity, length, and timing to combine this with other forms of care efficiently. The result is an accelerated healing process that gets you back to the rest of your life, quickly.

The goal of any program should always be to accelerate your recovery and return you to peak performance as fast as possible. Whether that be competing in races and games or chasing your children and grandchildren around the house. Everyone deserves to feel healthy and happy with their body.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage