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Discopathy can often cause a host of pain and tension. Common symptoms include shooting or traveling pain in the arms and legs or localized intense pain. As the disc pinches the nerve, the pain can be "referred" meaning you experience pain in areas that aren't even supposed to hurt!

Treatment typically consists of traction, deep tissue work to relax the spasming muscles surrounding the disc, as well as strengthening the musculature around the disc that is causing the nerve pain. When muscles are strengthened, they can support the surrounding tissue and bone, thus relieving pressure from the nerve(s) causing the pain.

Discopathy can often be fixed in just a few weeks. Dr. Gomach has helped patients who often haven't had a good nights sleep in quite awhile. We will help coordinate your care and move you through the healthcare system efficiently to ensure your problem becomes a thing of the past. Treatment for your discopathy will be tailored to your needs as you get the chance to spend time with the Doctor one on one every visit.

Cornerstone Rehab and Spine can ease your discomfort and help you return to your normal life again.