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Understanding How your hormones and body works, without birth control hormones which often create challenges

Fertility Awareness

Online Fertility Training Course

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What is pre-prenatal?

                This term is used to describe the period of time prior to becoming pregnant. Getting ready for pregnancy can be simple as cessation of smoking or decreasing caffeine and alcohol consumption.  What else is there?   When pregnancy does occur, the body needs to be ready for an optimal outcome. As easy as it may be to become pregnant, the baby will take all the good from you and the foods you choose to eat in the next 9 months. So, if your body is not ready for pregnancy, when you do conceive, the baby will take most of what you consume for itself.  This is what you want, but you, as the mother, are left with a decreased amount of nutrients to work with.  

So how can you prepare your body for pregnancy?  Taking a micronutrient test from Spectracell can give you a better idea of how your body is optimizing its nutrients prior to pregnancy. How the body is storing the nutrients and if there is going to be optimal nutrients for YOU and the baby to grow on.

Gone are the days of guessing if the prenatal vitamins are enough for what you need.  Prenatal vitamins are key to helping the baby grow once pregnant, but what if you are low in key nutrients that will make conception more challenging, or changes in your body more challenging as the baby grows.  What about the 4th stage of pregnancy? 

The fourth stage? This is the stage AFTER the baby is delivered and you need to recover and/or choose to nurse.  Hormonal changes, body changes, milk production, and general health and wellbeing while running on very little sleep.   Just like pre-rehab for a knee surgery will give you better outcomes post-surgery, pre pre-natal care will give you a better outcome for the duration of the pregnancy and a better outcome after the baby is delivered. 

Pre-Pre-Natal Information

Fertility Awareness Methods

Birth control for some women is very challenging. Weight gain, mood swings, low libido, or acne to name a few.   What if, instead of taking a pill every day to add estrogen to your body, you could take your morning temperature, learn to chart and follow the signs your body is producing to avoid pregnancy or use them to try to conceive at the best time?

It is not the rhythm method you may have heard about, where you look at a chart and hope you start your period when the chart says you should.  Ovulating on the 14th day of your cycle, which doesn’t always happen, because every woman isn’t the same.  It is about learning when your fertility window is at its peak and using the barrier method of birth control or abstaining for a few days to prevent pregnancy.  Instead of using pee sticks when you “might” be fertile, you can learn out how to know when that fertile window is occurring, without a doubt, to avoid or become pregnant.  

With a 99% success rate for avoiding pregnancy, AND it comes without taking a hormone pill every day?  That sounds too good to be true. With a simple basal metabolic thermometer, knowing and/or learning how to chart your cycle, charting your other fertility signs, can give you the confidence to prevent pregnancy.  It can also give you the knowledge of how to conceive at the most opportune times.  It gives you insight into why it might be more challenging to get pregnant when you haven’t gotten pregnant as easily as your friends.

This awareness can also help you understand if you ARE actually ovulating, and without a doubt which day of your cycle, it is occurring. Or confirming without wasting a box of pee sticks wondering if and when you’re supposed to ovulate and confirming if you are not ovulating but are still having a period. 

If challenges occur with conceiving, charting your fertility signs will give you valuable insight into what might be changing within your body. Along with micronutrient levels that might be decreased, or hormone levels that are not supporting your desire to have a family.

How can you find out more information? Filling out your name and email address on the right side of this page.  You will be contacted for a 10 minute call to speak with the doctor.  You can then gather more information about setting up a fertility awareness class.  Classes are conducted online via Ring Central (zoom), with shared screens and a book that you can purchase for reference.  This class includes three,  30-45 min sessions, approximately one month apart. Charting is introduced in the first session. In the second session, you will work with the doctor to learn more in depth how your fertility signs are presenting. The third session is further review of how your fertility signs are present and becoming comfortable with charting on your own.  By using the fertility methods taught in the class, going over changes in what you see, and helping you learn how to see whats going on with your personal fertility signs, you can have the confidence to chart on your own.  Whether you are trying to conceive, avoiding pregnancy, or just want to know more about how your body works, these classes can answer those questions. 

Do you have questions on why your charting is not working?  Why, when your body is going through it's monthly cycles you are unable to conceive, but your gyno might not be able to find a viable answer. When you should be able to conceive but are not, charting along with other testing offered here at Cornerstone, can give you a more direct path to those challenging answers. Testing micro-nutrient levels, hormone levels, looking into gut dysfunction or other possible problems that may be creating malfunctions in your body. Thus, creating challenges in getting pregnant. We are not fertility experts, we are functional medicine practitioners that can look at other avenues then what is showing up on your general blood screenings. 

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