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Frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is stiffness and a lost of range of motion in the shoulder. It can result in significant pain as scar tissue develops around the joint and continues to limit range of motion. A variety of treatments are available including therapy or in advanced cases surgery.

Resting and icing the affected muscles can alleviate some of the pain, but won’t always fix the overworked muscles. Often times, passive therapy such as heat can help to restore circulation in the area. From there, stretching and targeted special exercises can help to break-up scar tissue and allow the body to heal naturally. Patients are normally able to recover significant range of motion. 

Early treatment can result in healing these conditions without the need for expensive surgery. Dr. Gomach can help you overcome this problem rapidly. Treatment will be tailored to your needs as you get the chance to spend time with the Doctor one on one every visit.

Cornerstone Rehab and Spine can ease your discomfort and help you return to your normal life again.