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Stop wasting money on vitamins you don't need. Target the ones you do!

You can see a chart here showing individual vitamin measurements and a report of deficiencies. Now we can therapeutically treat the deficiency and hope to eliminate symptoms associated with them.

Conditions influenced by nutrition

Cornerstone Rehab and Spine conducts Nutritional Counseling and Services related to nutrition and your health. Nutrition has been taken to the next level through diagnostic tests. No longer are the days of "this is good for you" and "maybe you should take this." Cornerstone is a participating clinic with SpectraCell Laboratories who provides nutrient testing directly on your body. Instead of guessing that you're low on B vitamins, let's test and determine which one so that a proper balance of supplementation can actually be used to treat a detected nutritional deficiency.

See the example of the type of results. We can use this to help you analyze what's actually missing in your diet and help improve a variety of conditions. This new tool provides limitless possibilities for improving our daily health.