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Maximized Genetic Testing

​Search for genetic deficiencies that might influence your metabolism, dietary choices, or exercise efficacy.

You can call us and set up an appointment for a 15-minute consult on the type of test most suitable for you or simply use the links below to order a test. You can also request one online. You can also check out our Q&A for more answers.


Delayed Sensitivity IgG

A longer food sensitivity test that observes for reactions, even delayed reactions, with your blood immunoglobulins (IgG).


You can see a chart here showing individual vitamin measurements and a report of deficiencies. Now we can therapeutically treat the deficiency and hope to eliminate symptoms associated with them.

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Micronutrient Test

Organic Acids

Micronutrient Test

​This test allows nutritional assessment of a patient for a broad variety of clinical conditions, general wellness and the prevention of chronic diseases. 

Have you exhausted your search for symptom relief after being told your body is normal? Do you still feel like something isn’t right? All too often someone like you comes to us with a list of symptoms that nobody can seem to pin down. The standard tests for thyroid and cholesterol come back normal, but maybe they’re on the low side of normal. Maybe you don’t want to just accept feeling “ok” anymore? Living in discomfort shouldn’t be a way of life and the science for diagnosing these deeper, more complex conditions is here. 

No longer are the days of "this is good for you" and "maybe you should take this." Cornerstone is a participating clinic with SpectraCell Laboratories who provides nutrient testing directly on your body. Instead of guessing that you're low on B vitamins, let's test and determine which one so that a proper balance of supplementation can actually be used to treat a detected nutritional deficiency. We can also test for inflammation, irritants, and allergens that can cause your body's digestive system to poorly absorb the things you need.

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