Cornerstone Rehab and Spine
​in League City, TX

Many times when we experience injuries, the recovery can compound the problem. The muscles begin to atrophy from disuse after a sprained muscle just like after surgery. Focused exercises can help return functionality to these muscles and strengthen them to allow you to return to your everyday activities. With increased strength in the surrounding tissue, the pressure placed upon your bones and ligaments is reduced. The result is an overall reduction in muscle and joint pain!
We offer diverse equipment and plans tailored to your specific condition. Dr. Gomach has a wealth of experience helping patients recover "better than ever." Too often patients wait until they can't bear the pain any longer before seeking treatment. This can only compound problems! Getting proper care today can shorten recovery and reduce complications.

Care will begin with range of motion exercises and progress into more active care. This will consist of stretching and strengthening the muscles around the joint through very unique understanding of the muscular/skeletal system.

Most therapy takes a few weeks, and while this may seem like a lot, it is a critical element of recovery. The process begins with relieving the painful symptoms, then moves into strengthening and maintenance so that you can learn to prevent further injury and recognize future problems before they become big problems.

The goal of any program should always be to accelerate your recovery and return you to peak performance as fast as possible. Whether that be competing in races and games or chasing your children and grandchildren around the house. Everyone deserves to feel healthy and happy with their body.

PHYSICAL Exercise therapy and rehab

Physical Exercise Therapy can help make daily tasks less painful.

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