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Do you wake up with pain in that first step in the morning or unable to wear any other shoes besides tennis shoes?  Do you wish you could play 18 holes of golf without foot pain that evening and the next day? Do you wish you could take your significant other out dancing without regretting it? Does the beach sound less enticing when you think about trying to wear sandals?

Plantar fasciitis can be the cause of those irritating problems.  Plantar fasciitis can also cause other symptoms that produce pain anywhere in the bottom of the foot.  From the heel to the toes. 

Typical Symptoms Include:

First step causes pain in the morning
Pain from the front of your foot to the heel 
Always have to wear tennis shoes and possibly with orthotics
Ladies can’t wear your favorite high heels

Targeting specific muscles that are in the foot as well as the surrounding musculature with deep tissue work and rehabilitation, we can make the pain a thing of the past.   Within the first day, pain will be significantly reduced or eliminated. If you've gone to your general practitioner, they may have suggested cortisone shots. Click the link and tell me if that sounds like a solid treatment plan? They even sell Plantar Fasciitis shoes! Forget it. We can fix the problem, not apply a Band-Aid. No cutting, no injections, no needles.

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