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Cornerstone Rehab and Spine
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Post Surgery Rehab and Therapy

The most important thing you can do is to start therapy IMMEDIATELY.

Modern medicine has learned that the worst thing you can do for a post surgical muscle or joint is complete rest. Muscles atrophy and scar tissue builds to prevent future motion. You've invested a lot mentally, physically, and financially in a surgical procedure. If you want to recover fully, therapy and rehab are important elements in your treatment plan.  

We offer diverse equipment and plans tailored to your specific condition. Dr. Gomach has a wealth of experience helping post-surgical patients recover "better than ever."

Care will begin with range of motion exercises and progress into more active care. This will consist of stretching and strengthening the muscles around the joint through very unique understanding of the muscular/skeletal system.

Most post surgical care lasts a few months, and while this may seem like a lot, it is a critical element of recovery. Without proper rehabilitation, patients experience significantly worse surgical outcomes such as, loss of range-of-motion or pain.