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Sports Medicine - Sports Therapy

You don't have to be a professional athlete to benefit from professional care. We treat every type of physical injury!

Many injuries don't often result in complete recovery without additional help. Sports Medicine here at Cornerstone Rehab and Spine can involve heat and electrical modalities to help remove scar tissue, range of motion recovery, or muscle rebuilding. We can help anyone who is looking to help regain functionality, even folks with disabilities looking to enhance their mobility.

Cornerstone Rehab and Spine treats patients who participate in sports "just for fun" all the way up to professional athletes. We offer diverse equipment and sports therapy tailored to your specific condition. Dr. Gomach has a wealth of experience helping athletes young and old recover "better than ever."

We can start right away and you will see results fast! Often, sports medicine care moves much faster than a patient would expect. We are all used to resting to allow the body to heal, but modern medicine is learning more and more that this may not be the best decision. Active care, rather than passive, can have faster, better results. Sometimes even preventing further loss of motion which can become permanent.

Dr. Gomach was a college athlete playing as a softball pitcher. She knows exactly what it's like to have injuries and to seek to get back on top of your game.