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Torticollis Neck Pain

Do you wake up unable to turn your head to the side because you "slept funny"? Persistent pain preventing you from turning your neck can be the result of Torticollis. This is caused by muscle spasms and cramps in the neck and surrounding area. It isn't a good idea to just "live with it," you need to rotate your neck to drive safely and check your blind spot!

This type of issue can often be fixed in just a couple visits. Dr. Gomach has helped patients who often haven't had a good nights sleep in quite awhile. Frequent travel, computer work, and long rides on airplanes have all been common sources for this problem. Luckily, tissue work and stimulation can easily relieve the muscle spasms and let the muscle relax and heal. Treatment will be tailored to your needs as you get the chance to spend time with the Doctor one on one every visit.

Cornerstone Rehab and Spine can ease your discomfort and help you return to your normal life again.